July 2016 Newsletter


The Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings

Promoting Mental Health in Organisations

A Member Institution of the British Psychoanalytic Council


The past few months have been a busy and exciting time for us, and we’d like to update all members and friends of APPCIOS on our progress…



Our newly-formed mentoring group is now in place, and our mentors have been working hard to ensure that all our associate and senior associate members have someone to assist them in tailoring a portfolio of webinars and individual supervision. As our numbers grow, we will need to grow a correspondingly larger group of mentors. If you are a full member of APPCIOS and think you might be interested in contributing a few hours of your time, do let us know by emailing Tina Bool at info@appcios.com. She will put you in touch with a member of the mentoring group, who will be happy to explain what’s involved.


We are very grateful to Sph Friends, a charitable organisation which has committed to supporting us in our use of social media.   They are not only helping us financially but are supplying us with advice and practical assistance, through one of their trustees, an IT expert, who has identified a colleague with expertise in digital marketing. They will be joining together to design and build a new website for us.

This is very important to us:  we are a virtual community, and we know that our members can sometimes feel that they are adrift – despite the efforts of our mentors.

We are hoping that our new website will include public and private blogging spaces, chat rooms, a direct link to our webinar programmes, and oodles of moodles and doodles . . . (For those of you unfamiliar with these terms, ‘Moodle’ is an app that provides a variety of learning spaces and ways to access learning materials; and a ‘Doodle poll’ offers groups an online facility for exploring their mutual availability – very helpful for setting up webinars!)

We hope that our current blogsites – and their content – will eventually be transferred to our new website.

Meanwhile, we’re aware that many of you are having trouble accessing the APPCIOS blogsites.  Tina will shortly be circulating new invitations to join them, but if any of you are having difficulties, do email Tina and she will help!

Facebook Page

Since our last newsletter, we have also been working on bringing our Facebook page up to date. Many of you have contributed to this – thank you! If you have not seen our page, please do have a look and feel free to post/share items of interest – and don’t forget to ‘like’ us!

Goodbye to Ann

Ann Pugh, who has been providing administrative support to our webinars, has recently been headhunted for an exciting new job, working for a mobile catering company.   This was an opportunity too good to refuse, and she has now left APPCIOS, and handed her files over to Tina. We wish her great success in her new role.  We’ll keep in touch, and hope to hear all about it.

Tina is now the first point of contact for anyone interested in our webinars, as well as continuing in her role as our membership secretary.  You can contact her, in either capacity,  at info@appcios.com


Our webinars have really begun to take off in the last few months.

These are the webinars on offer at the moment:

Child Development – A Psychodynamic Perspective

Introduction to Psychodynamic Thinking in Educational Settings

Infant and Young Child Observation – Introductory to Intermediate Level

Work Discussion Webinar – Child and Adolescent Focus

There are still some places available for September in some of these webinars. As always, contact Tina if you are interested.

We are also able to offer the following webinars at a later date. Please contact Tina for more information and to register your interest.

Psychodynamic Theory – Basic Level

Work Discussion – Client Focus: Children & Families


Accredited Courses

As you may know, as well as commissioning our own webinars and courses, APPCIOS also accredits a number of external courses. The latest course to be accredited is Oxpip’s training in Parent/Infant psychotherapy, and we are delighted that many of the staff teaching on this course are joining us as full members. We hope that in time many graduates of the course will also be joining us.

We are in the process of exploring possible course accreditation with several other organisations and hope to be able to tell you more in our next Newsletter.


Keeping in Touch

We are always keen to hear from you, and to respond to your enquiries and suggestions. For more information visit www.appcios.com or contact us at info@appcios.com

Or post something on our Facebook page, or on our blog sites!

And don’t forget to update us on any changes to your contact details by contacting us at info@appcios.com